Friday, October 3, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole...

Is blogging passe yet?

Regardless, in an effort to channel some of the rage and frustration I feel after listening to/reading the news every day, and in the interest of encouraging a constructive dialogue, I've decided to enter cautiously into the blogosphere. My goal is to provide informed comment, and the occasional rant. It isn't so much that I want people to agree with my opinions--I want to understand the way they form theirs.

I've recently graduated college, and am trying to figure out a little about the world and life in general before grad school. What I've learned since April is--not much. The working work is rather mundane. People are locked into their routines, and not much is being accomplished. We have talks about talks. Meetings about meetings. Daily I encounter diplomats, PhD's, politicians; important, educated folk whose hands are tied by what is politically correct to the point where they are unable to do or say anything of substance. I'm looking for substance. I want to provide substance. Washington seems to be lacking it, recently.

So here I go. This is my small contribution, in an effort to create a world which is slightly more enlightened than it was yesterday.

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